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  • Mathile, Clayton L.; Mathile, Clayton L., President and chief executive officer of The IAMS Company, Dayton, Ohio. (SAGE Publications, 1988)
  • Carlock, Randel S.; Carlock, Randel S., Director of the Institute for Family Business and assistant professor of entrepreneurship in the Graduate School of Business, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. (SAGE Publications, 1994)
  • Wilson, Joseph D. C.; Wilson, Joseph D. C., Adviser on tax and financial matters to closely held businesses. (SAGE Publications, 1992)
  • Davis, John, A.; Swartz, Jeffrey; Blakely, Elizabeth, B.; Chang, Christopher; Eyzaguirre G., José, María; Mattson, Robert; Pettker, John, D.; Davis, John, A., Owner Managed Business Institute in Santa Barbara, CA; Swartz, Jeffrey, California School for Professional Psychology in Los Angeles and a Research Associate at the Owner Managed Business Institute in Santa Barbara, CA; Blakely, Elizabeth, B., Rodi, Pollock, Pettker, Galbraith & Phillips, a law firm specializing in family companies, in Los Angeles, CA; Chang, Christopher, Lee and Li, the largest international law firm in Taiwan; Eyzaguirre G., José, María, law firm of Claro y Compañía, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez in Santiago, Chile; Mattson, Robert, Hannes Snellman, a leading law firm in Helsinki, Finland; Pettker, John, D., Rodi, Pollock, Pettker, Galbraith & Phillips, a law firm specializing in family companies, in Los Angeles, CA (SAGE Publications, 1996)
  • Fiegener, Mark K.; Brown, Bonnie M.; Prince, Russ Alan; File, Karen Maru; Fiegener, Mark K., Assistant professor of management, Oregon State University, Corvallis.; Brown, Bonnie M., Director, Institute Jor Family Business, Baylor University, Waco, Texas.; Prince, Russ Alan, President, Prince and Associates, Stratford, Connecticut.; File, Karen Maru, Associate professor of marketing, University of Connecticut, Stamford. (SAGE Publications, 1994)
  • Karofsky, Paul; Karofsky, Paul, Northeastern University's Center for Family Business, Dedham, MA (SAGE Publications, 1997)
  • Pervin, Aron (SAGE Publications, 1997)
  • Lank, Alden G.; Lank, Alden G., Stephan Schmidheiny Professor of Famliy Enterprises and professor of human resource and organization management at the International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland. He is also executive director and member of the founding board of the Family Business Network and serves as a member of the adjunct faculty of the Owner Managed Business Institute, Santa Barbara, California. (SAGE Publications, 1991)
  • Lank, AIden, G. (SAGE Publications, 1997)
  • Drozdow, Nancy; Drozdow, Nancy, Consultant in organizational strategy and a founder of the Family Firms Institute. She also directs the consulting practice to closely held businesses and family firms at the Wharton Center for Applied Research. (SAGE Publications, 1989)
  • Herbert, James I.; Astrachan, Joseph H.; Herbert, James I., Consultant and author, is president of J. 1. Herbert Associates in Wolcott, Connecticut.; Astrachan, Joseph H., Consultant and author, is associate director of the Center for Management at the Institute of Living in Hartford, Connecticut. (SAGE Publications, 1990)
  • Stavrou, Eleni, T.; Stavrou, Eleni, T., Department of Public and Business Administration, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus (SAGE Publications, 1998)
  • Hall, Peter Dobkin; Hall, Peter Dobkin, Associate research scientist at the Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Yale University. (SAGE Publications, 1988)
  • Murdoch, Moni; Murdoch, Charles W.; Murdoch, Moni, Family therapist in private practice and consults to agencies, prdfessionals, and family businesses. She is on the faculty of Loyola University and the Family Institute of Chicago and is past chair of the board of the Family Institute.; Murdoch, Charles W., professor of law at Loyola University of Chicago and has written extensively in the corporate and securities areas. With his wife, he also team consults to family businesses. The Murdochs, together with John Ward, recently founded the Loyola Family Business Center. (SAGE Publications, 1991)
  • Astrachan, Joseph H.; Kolenko, Thomas A.; Astrachan, Joseph H., Associate professor, Coles School of Business, Kennesaw State College, and associate director, Family Enterprise Center.; Kolenko, Thomas A., Associate professor, Department of Management, Coles School of Business, Kennesaw State College, Marietta, Georgia. (SAGE Publications, 1994)
  • Silverzweig, Stan; D'Agostino, Nicholas; Silverzweig, Stan, Cofounders of the D'Agostino/Silverzweig Entrepreneurial Institute, Larchmont, New York.; D'Agostino, Nicholas, Cofounders of the D'Agostino/Silverzweig Entrepreneurial Institute, Larchmont, New York. (SAGE Publications, 1995)
  • Kadis, Leslie B.; McClendon, Ruth; Kadis, Leslie B., Psychiatrist and family business consultant in private practice in San Francisco and Aptos, California.; McClendon, Ruth, Family therapist and family business consultant in private practice in San Francisco and Aptos, California. (SAGE Publications, 1991)
  • Leon-Guerrero, Anna, Y.; McCann, Joseph, E.; Haley, Jonathan, D.; Leon-Guerrero, Anna, Y., Department of Sociology and Social Work at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington; McCann, Joseph, E., School of Business at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington; Haley, Jonathan, D., Family Enterprise Institute at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington (SAGE Publications, 1998)
  • Ward, John L.; Handy, James L.; Ward, John L., Ralph Marotta Professor of Private Enterprise at Loyola University of Chicago.; Handy, James L., President of The Executive Committee, an organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that serves company presidents. (SAGE Publications, 1988)
  • Davis, Peter; Stern, Douglas; Davis, Peter, Director of executive education at the Wharton School, founded the Wharton Family Business Program in 1981 after ten years of consulting and advisory experience in the field. He is a frequent speaker to family business groups worldwide.; Stern, Douglas, Marketing director at New York News, Inc. He was a fellow in psychology at Harvard Medical School (1974–75) and was a member of the senior staff at the Wharton School's Applied Research Center from 1977 to 1980. He received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Temple University (1977). (SAGE Publications, 1988)