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Автор Waddell Agnes H.
Дата выпуска 1945-01-01
ISSN 0950-1843
Анннотация In many cases, when a colony of micro-organisms such as moulds, yeasts or bacteria grows on the plane surface of a solid medium (e.g. agar), starting from a single cell, the colony tends to grow as an ever expanding circle. The reason for this is that every cell, if free from competition, can multiply at roughly a constant rate in all directions in a plane, limited by the fact that territory occupied by one cell cannot be occupied by another. For the purposes of the present discussion, we can assume, as a first approximation, that the whole process is two-dimensional.
Издатель Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK
Копирайт Copyright © Edinburgh Mathematical Society 1945
Название Curves formed by colonies of micro-organisms growing on a plane surface
Владелец авторских прав Edinburgh Mathematical Society
DOI 10.1017/S0950184300000203
Журнал Edinburgh Mathematical Notes
Том 35

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