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Oxford University Press по журналам "Journal of African Economies"

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  • Alderman Harold; Canagarajah Sudharshan; Younger Stephen (Oxford University Press, 1995-10-01)
    Public sector retrenchment programmes can generate significant savings of public expenditure. Governments are, however, often reluctant to embark upon such programmes due to concerns for social costs. As a contribution to ...
  • Ghura Dhaneshwar; Grennes Thomas (Oxford University Press, 1994-12-01)
    The effects of economy-wide distortions on economic performance have received close attention in the empirical literature for developing countries. This paper extends the analysis to investigate the effects of these ...
  • Ariyo Ademola (Oxford University Press, 1993-10-01)
    For some time, the size and continuous recurrence of Nigeria's fiscal deficit has been of concern to interested parties. However, no study has so far reported on the build-up and severity of the problem in relation to what ...
  • Bevan David; Collier Paul; Gunning Jan Willem (Oxford University Press, 1992-08-01)
    The coffee boom of 1976–9 was an archetypal temporary external shock Using counter/actuals, we find that much of the windfall was saved, due to the private sector. However, the control regime constrained private responses, ...
  • Kallon Kelfala M. (Oxford University Press, 1994-10-01)
    This paper is an econometric study of the inflationary process in Sierra Leone. Using data for the 1967:1–1987:4 period, the parameters of a reduced-form inflation equation from an openeconomy IS-LM model were estimated ...
  • Odedokun M.O. (Oxford University Press, 1995-12-01)
    This study tries to identify causes of inflation in Sub-Saharan Africa by employing econometrics to analyse annual panel data for 35 countries from 1971–90. The findings suggest that monetary growth, the rate of domestic ...
  • Kanbur Ravi; Grootaert Christiaan (Oxford University Press, 1994-04-01)
    This paper develops a regional price index for Côte d'Ivoire building on the strengths of two independent data sources — the Living Standards Survey and the International Comparisons Project. The latter collected a wealth ...
  • Boateng E. Oti; Ewusi Kodwo; Kanbur Ravi; McKay Andrew (Oxford University Press, 1992-03-01)
    The successes of the Economic Recovery Programme in Ghana are now well-known. Nevertheless, as recognized by the Government of Ghana, many individuals remain in acute poverty. Furthermore, the process of adjustment by its ...
  • Leith J. Clark (Oxford University Press, 1995-10-01)
    This paper develops a simple measure for evaluating the static welfare gains and losses from the trade policy options facing a small open economy. The alternatives of a customs union and a free trade agreement are considered ...
  • Harrigan Jane (Oxford University Press, 1992-03-01)
  • Hoddinott John (Oxford University Press, 1995-12-01)
  • Hoddinott John (Oxford University Press, 1994-04-01)
  • Rempel Henry (Oxford University Press, 1992-08-01)
  • Devereux Stephen (Oxford University Press, 1992-08-01)
  • Murinde Dr Victor (Oxford University Press, 1993-10-01)
  • Hill Catharine B. (Oxford University Press, 1992-03-01)
  • Hiey Jacques Pegatienan (Oxford University Press, 1992-08-01)
  • Kanbur Ravi (Oxford University Press, 1993-05-01)
  • Susungi N.N. (Oxford University Press, 1995-12-01)
  • Adam Christopher (Oxford University Press, 1994-12-01)