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Автор ZAMSKI, E.
Дата выпуска 1980
dc.description An investigation of stem structure of Bougainvillea by serial sections and cine-photography shows that the medullary system of the inner area of young stems is the sole vascular system directly continuous into the lateral appendages (leaves, axillary buds and axillary thorns) via complex nodal anastomoses. The vascular system at the periphery of the primary bundles is not directly continuous into these appendages. In secondary growth, there is direct continuity between vascular bundles within a single ring, in a tangential direction via either xylem alone or both xylem and phloem, and between rings in a radial direction always via xylem and phloem, even though the rings are derivatives of successive cambia.
Формат application.pdf
Издатель Oxford University Press
Копирайт © 1980 Annals of Botany Company
Тема Bougainvillea
Тема vascular system
Тема phloem
Тема xylem
Тема anomalous secondary thickening
Тема Articles
Название Vascular Continuity in the Primary and Secondary Stem Tissues of Bougainvillea (Nyctaginaceae)
Тип research-article
Electronic ISSN 1095-8290
Print ISSN 0305-7364
Журнал Annals of Botany
Том 45
Первая страница 561
Последняя страница 567
Аффилиация Department of Agricultural Botany, Hebrew University of JerusalemRehovot 76-100 P.O. Box 12, Israel
Выпуск 5

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