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Издательство Taylor&Francis по журналам "African Studies"

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  • Sharp John (Taylor & Francis Group, 1994-01-01)
    This paper is, in part, an overview of the research done in Qwaqwa in the 1980s by members of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Cape Town, and it seeks to reflect some of the concerns that characterised ...
  • Jeffreys M. D. W. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1968-01-01)
  • Doke C. M. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1950-03-01)
  • Cole DesmondT. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1969-01-01)
  • Twala ReginaG. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1951-09-01)
    Very little has been written on the subject of beads among the Bantu. The following information has been collected from the Swazi of Swaziland Protectorate, and Zulu of eMangwaneni, Bergville, Natal. All facts are from ...
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