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  • Harvey J.M. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1977-01-01)
    R.-E. Hoffmann [5,6] has introduced the notion of an (E,M)-universally topological functor, which provides a categorical characterization of the T0-separation axiom of general topology. In this paper, we characterise these ...
  • Vertiporokh A.N.; Matalin-slutsky L.A.; Smirnov V.P.; Shchedrov V.M.; Vasil'ev N.D.; Ivkin V.G.; Mozin I.V. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1992-02-01)
    The control system for the T-15 facility is a set of monitoring and control subsystems for technological systems of the facility which are capable to operate independently. The facility is controlled from the main console ...
  • Grad G.A.; Ivkin V.G.; Kofman V.M.; Lyublin V.V.; Nechaev A.G.; Roife I.M.; Seredenko E.V.; Cheremukhov B.V.; Yakubovsky V.G.; Alikaev V.V.; Vlasov S.N.; Malygin V.I. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1992-01-01)
    In this paper the ECR-system designed for plasma experiments on electron-cyclotron resonance heating on the T-15 facility is described. Its power is 12 MW, RF-wavelength 3.6 mm, operating pulse duration 1.5 s. The generator ...
  • Alkhimovich V.A.; Vertiporokh A.N.; Igon'kina G.B.; Zaitseva M.A.; Kochin V.A.; Kravtsova V.P.; Motenko V.G.; Posadsky I.A.; Stavissky B.A.; Terebkov A.L.; Khvostenko P.P.; Schepetilov V.A.; Ermilin Yu.M.; Kasatkin A.I.; Krasikov Yu.G.; Malyshev I.F.; Odintsov V.N.; Sakhnenko P.S.; Spirchenko Yu.V.; Kukshinov A.I.; Herrmann A.; Hildebrandt D.; Wolff H. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1992-02-01)
    Plasma chamber design and its conditioning are described, experimental studies of the plasma chamber strain-stress state (SSS) are presented. Common assembly of the installation corresponds to the scheme “vacuum in ...
  • Gurevich L.S.; Saksagansky G.L.; Serebrennikov D.V.; Kravtsova V.P.; Nikonov V.I.; Motenko V.G.; Orlov P.N.; Polkanov V.N.; Terebkov A.L. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1992-01-01)
    The T-15 pumping system is presented. The technology for the plasma chamber, eryostat and cryogenic system vacuum pumping at different stages of operation including the regimes of conditioning, cooling down, eryostating ...
  • Lippens G.; Van Belle D.; Wodak S.J.; Jeener J. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1993-12-20)
    The T1 relaxation time of the proton Zeeman magnetization is calculated in a molecular dynamics simulation of two different water models, the single point charge (SPC) model and the polarizable SPC model. First, the ...
  • Marcus MatthewA.; Elser Wveit (Taylor & Francis Group, 1986-09-01)
    The system Al-Li-Cu has recently been found to form an icosahedral phase (Ball and Lloyd 1985). We have re-examined the phase diagram and X-ray data of Hardy and Silcock (1955). The powder X-ray pattern for their T2 phase ...
  • Smits William H. (Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1984-01-01)
    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Soviet-bloc states are engaged in an extensive effort in the legal as well as illegal acquisition of United States high technology. This study examines the importance to the ...
  • Неизвестный автор (Taylor & Francis Group, 1962-04-01)
  • Oldroyd H. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1962-07-01)
  • Tröger W.Ehrenreich (Taylor & Francis Group, 1953-01-01)
  • Неизвестный автор (Taylor & Francis Group, 1849-12-01)
  • Неизвестный автор (Taylor & Francis Group, 1851-10-01)
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  • Неизвестный автор (Taylor & Francis Group, 1851-08-01)