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  • Hopkins Nigel; Henderson Geraldine; Iacobucci Dawn (Taylor & Francis Group, 1994-05-10)
    Patterns of relationships are of interest to researchers in marketing. In particular, the concept of "networks" of inter-relationships has found appeal among business marketers. While many network methods exist for analyzing ...
  • Herbig PaulA.; Shao AlanT. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1994-01-14)
    One of the major reasons for JapanÆs economic success has been attributed to its Keiretsu system, the super-conglomerate of companies with interlocking directories and cross-equity ownerships that provides a ready market ...
  • Michaels RonaldE.; Dubinsky AlanJ.; Rich GregoryA. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1995-07-13)
    Motivation of industrial buyers has been virtually ignored in the marketing and purchasing literatures. This empirical void is surprising given the critical role organizational purchasers play in their firms. This paper ...
  • Spekman RobertE.; Stewart DavidW.; Johnston WesleyJ. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1996-06-04)
    Although research in organizational buying behavior has alluded to the importance of the purchasing agent's enacted role in the development and execution of an organization's procurement related activities, there exists ...
  • Babakus Emin; Pedrick Dennis; Richardson Andrea (Taylor & Francis Group, 1995-10-24)
    The development and application of a 22-item perceived service quality measure for the flight attendant segment of airline catering services is described. This ''performance-only'' scale emerges as a unidimensional measure ...
  • Aranoff Gerald (Taylor & Francis Group, 1995-10-24)
    The writer contends that the transfer pricing problem in pricing goods or services from one division to another within a corporation, as many people understand the term, is in reality another form of the peak-load problem. ...
  • Features Submission HaworthContinuing (Taylor & Francis Group, 1993-01-05)
    No abstract available for this article.
  • Copulsky William; Hwang Peter; McMellon Chuck; Redmond WilliamH.; Burger PhilipC.; Lichtenthal J.David; Features Submission HaworthContinuing (Taylor & Francis Group, 1994-01-14)
    No abstract available for this article.
  • Lichtenthal J.David; Ducoffe RobertH.; Copulsky William; Plank RichardE.; Bingham FrankG. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1992-06-19)
    No abstract available for this article.
  • Plank RichardE.; Gould StephenJ.; Warshawsky RobertM.; Cahill DennisJ.; Ducoffe RobertH. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1996-09-20)
    No abstract available for this article.
  • Cahill DennisJ.; Lichtenthal J.David; Tai Fanchan (Taylor & Francis Group, 1996-06-04)
    No abstract available for this article.
  • Plank RichardE.; More RogerA.; Chittipeddi Kumar; Gross Irwin; Chamblee Robert; Biner MargaretE. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1993-10-14)
    No abstract available for this article.
  • Shapiro Milton; McMellon CharlesA. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1995-07-13)
    No abstract available for this article.
  • Plank RichardE.; Iacobucci Dawn; Langer Judith; Wallace KathleenM.; Rosen BarryN. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1994-05-10)
    No abstract available for this article.
  • Chamblee Robert; Tsurumi Yoshi; Shapiro Milton (Taylor & Francis Group, 1995-10-24)
    No abstract available for this article.
  • Iyer Gopal (Taylor & Francis Group, 1996-09-20)
    No abstract available for this article.
  • Dowling GrahameR.; Lilien GaryL.; Soni PraveenK (Taylor & Francis Group, 1994-01-14)
    This paper demonstrates a market segmentation procedure that responds to the information needs associated with business product marketing. We outline several important criteria that such a procedure that addresses those ...
  • Dawes PhilipL. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1996-09-20)
    Utilizing a contingency approach, the author explores the impact that outside technical consultants have on the buying center's choice set size in the purchasing of high technology products. It is hypothesized that choice ...
  • Anderson JamesC.; Jain DipakC; Chintagunta PradeepK (Taylor & Francis Group, 1992-06-19)
    The state-of-practice with respect to customer value assessment in business markets was studied. Familiarity with and usage of nine methods were investigated for a sample of 80 informants from the largest U.S. industrial ...
  • Dawes PhilipL; Dowling GrahameR.; Patterson Paul (Taylor & Francis Group, 1992-06-19)
    The authors develop and test a model of external information search for professional business services. The model is based on the premise that the amount of external search carried out by an organization is primarily ...