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  • Dickey JamesM. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1985-01-01)
    The Hardy, Littlewood, Polya class of power means (wiza1 + …+wn zan)1/a, including the usual harmonic, geometric, and arithmetic mean values, has been generalized by Bruno deFinetti and B. C. Carlson. These two generalizations ...
  • Booth G.L.; Groenewald N.J.; Olivier W.A. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1991-10-01)
    The object of this paper is to define a general regularity for Γ-rings and to explore ways of generating such regularities. Two main approaches are identified. Regularities for Γ-rings can be generated by means of polynomials. ...
  • Venter Lucas (Taylor & Francis Group, 1985-01-01)
    We present an alternative order theoretic proof for the fundamental result that |Z1, Z2 | ⋚ |Z1 1 | Z2 | with z2 and z2 elements of the complexification of an Archimedean uniformly complete Riesz algebra.
  • Alzer Horst (Taylor & Francis Group, 1990-01-01)
    Let An and Gn (resp. A'n and G'n) be the weighted arithmetic and geometric means of x1,….xn (resp. 1-x1,…,1-xn) with x1 ε(0.1/2]. i = 1,…,n. Then we have
  • Brandenburg H. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1980-01-01)
    In this note clopen-to-closed mappings are used to characterize strongly zero-dimensional spaces and ultranormal spaces.
  • Piziak Robert (Taylor & Francis Group, 1987-01-01)
    Let (k,E,Φ) be a definite quadratic space of dimension at least 3. Under certain assumptions, the set {Φ(z,z)|z ≠ in E} is a Baer ordering for k. Under somewhat more restrictive assumptions, the product of positive elements ...
  • Winter PA (Taylor & Francis Group, 1990-01-01)
    A connected graph G of order p =|V| and sise q =| E | is said to be (ai, bi)-destructible (with respect to Ei and Vi say) if ai,bi are integral factors of p and an ai-set of edges Ei exists whose removal from G results in ...
  • Le Roux H.J.; France-Jackson H. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1985-01-01)
    In [2] van der Walt called a left ideal L of a ring A, left strongly nil, if given 1 ε L and k ε K, K a left ideal. there is an n such that (1+k)n ε K. L is called left strongly nilpotent if for any left ideal K there ...
  • Nečéskové Milena (Taylor & Francis Group, 1988-01-01)
    In the article “Geodetic games for graphs” by F. Buckley and F. Harary the geodetic game on a generalized wheel Wm,n is stated to be won by the first player iff m + n is odd. This is incorrect; in this paper we show that ...
  • Groenewald L. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1992-01-01)
    In this paper we study the relationships among the exponential spectra of the cosets of an element of a Banach algebra in some quotient Banach algebras. These relationships are necessary to be studied since the spectra and ...
  • Groenewald L.; Raubenheimer H. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1988-01-01)
    Let A be a unitary Banach algebra and let B be a closed subalgebra of A that contains the unit. For an element of B we show in this note how both the singular and exponential spectrum depends on the algebra.
  • Andreu F.; Mazén J.M.; Segura de Leén S. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1989-01-01)
    In this note, as a consequence of the Radon-Nikodym theorem for positive operators given by Luxemburg and Schep ([6]), we obtain a Radon-Nikodym theorem for Riesz space valued measures similar to Wright's theorem ([11]).
  • De La Rosa B.; Veldsman S. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1994-10-01)
    A bridging criterion between the category of rings and the category of A-modules is given. This is obtained via a functional relationship between Hoehnke radicals of rings and radicals of A-mod.
  • Edelen DominicG. B. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1988-01-01)
    Yesl Any equation of conservation of the form ∂x{P(∂xφ, ∂tφ) = ∂t{Q(∂xφ, ∂tφ) is shown to admit an infinite-dimensional, Abellan group of symmetries that is not a prolongation symmetry group. Explicit equations are given ...
  • Naudé G.; Nolte C. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1982-01-01)
    Important aspects of the theory of linear systems over rings are the realization problem, the descent problem and the problem of duality. A survey of these problems is made and an indication given of the relevant aspects ...
  • Sinclair Marius (Taylor & Francis Group, 1978-01-01)
    A new relaxation is presented for the general mixed integer programing problem. It is proved that this relaxation is always at least as good, end in one demonstrated case better, than some other known relaxations. Various ...
  • Fay TempleH; Hardie KeithA (Taylor & Francis Group, 1986-01-01)
    Given a pair of short exact sequences in an abelian category A, extending results due to Pressman [7]. We construct nine bivariant long exact sequences that involve the groups extn(δ,β), extn(δ,α) and extn(γ,α) that interlock ...
  • Thomas BarbaraV.Smith (Taylor & Francis Group, 1977-01-01)
    This paper is a survey of recent (and some not so recent, results concerning categorical constructions on topological groups, with particular emphasis on free topological groups and coproducts (free products) of topological ...
  • Cross R.W.; Labuschagne L.E. (Taylor & Francis Group, 1992-04-01)
    Let X and Y be normed linear spaces. A linear operator T: D(T) ⊂ X → Y is called an F-operator if its adjoint T′: D(T) ⊂ Y′ → D(T)' is a φ+ -operator, i.e. has closed range and finite dimensional-kernel. Characterisations ...
  • Pretorius LM (Taylor & Francis Group, 1984-01-01)
    Call a class M of groups a class of left-reproducing (right-reproducing] groups if there exists a group X ł O such that X ≅ T[Ext(X.G)] (X ≅ T[Ext(G,X)]) for every G in M. We characterize the classes of left- and ...