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The Institute of Physics ( IOP ) по журналам "Physics in Technology"

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  • L E Samuels (1985-09-01)
    Abrasives are used extensively in industry to shape metals. The points of the abrasive grits act as machining tools, but tools having a very complex geometry. What are the characteristics of abrasives that affect their ...
  • J F Sackman (1978-09-01)
    Producing a razor blade with a better cutting edge is a highly competitive business which requires the matching of basic research to production technology. A physicist describes how the structure and composition of blades ...
  • M Ahmed; R W B Stephens (1979-07-01)
    Report on Acoustic emission and materials evaluation, Institute of Acoustics and the British Acoustic Emission Working Group, 3-5 April 1979 at Chelsea College, London.
  • R. Kompfner; C.F. Quate (1977-11-01)
  • D S Campbell (1976-05-01)
    Report on Adhesion of thin films, 18 February 1976, Imperial College, London.
  • K D Perkins (1977-03-01)
    Now an annual event, the Electronics Update seminar organized by the Electronics Group of The Institute of Physics brings together reviews covering the most exciting and important developments in electronics. We present here ...
  • John Pritchard (1981-05-01)
    Report on Aerosols in science, medicine and technology - physical and chemical properties, Gesellschaft fr Aerosolforschung, 22-24 October 1980 in Schmallenberg, W Germany
  • John Pritchard (1983-05-01)
    Report on Aerosols in science, medicine and technology Gesellschatt fr Aerosolforschung (Association for Aerosol Research), 14-17 September 1982 at the University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Siegfried Rase (1978-03-01)
    Report on Techniques of measurement and applications, Gesellschaft fr Aerosolforschung, 26-28 October 1977, Karlsruhe FRG.
  • R S Pease (1983-07-01)
    In his Presidential Address to The Institute of Physics Dr Pease pointed out that national frontiers within Europe were being transcended by the growing internationalism of science and engineering, and revived the ...
  • A H Falkner (1985-01-01)
    Alternative energy systems: electrical integration and utilisation, Wave Energy Group, Coventry (Lanchester) Polytechnic, 10-12 September 1984, Coventry.
  • S. Reynolds; R.E. Belford (1987-09-01)
  • C J Wright (1979-09-01)
    Report on Industrial applications of particle beams for materials analysis, Institute of Physics and AERE Harwell, 16 May 1979 at the Scientific Societies' Lecture Theatre, London.
  • J F Blackburn (1987-03-01)
    ESPRIT (the European Strategic Programme for Research and Development in Information Technology) is undoubtedly the most comprehensive international research effort in this field ever undertaken in Europe. This article ...
  • J.E. Ffowcs Williams; I. Roebuck; C.F. Ross (1985-01-01)