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Автор J N Le Toulouzan
Автор J J Locquet
Автор D Allano
Автор P Savary
Автор R Darrigo
Дата выпуска 1981-11-01
ISSN 0150-536X
Анннотация The spectrograph produced consists of a monograph grating, stimagnetic along the entrance slit height, and a vidicon tube. The instrument is used to record the spatial intensity distribution of lines in the spectral range 380-780 nm. Ten sections of plasma are recorded simultaneously. The compromise between resolution and spectral range is achieved by sequentially recording 8 spectra of 50 nm with a resolving power in the order of 1000. An automatic source compensation eliminates fluctuations between different spectra. The 40K stored data points (peak and background intensity of spectral line, intensity calibration) are used to analyse 35 spectral lines with 10 sections within the plasma). The characteristics of the plasma are deduced from the results of the spectra after Abel's inversion. The Abel's inversion is computed with a program in Fortran IV.
Название Abel's inversion of a cylindrical helium plasma. Production of a stigmatic spectrograph using a vidicon detector
DOI 10.1088/0150-536X/12/6/005
Журнал Journal of Optics
Том 12
Выпуск 6

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