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Автор Jungen, M.
Автор Lehner, M.
Автор Guérout, R.
Автор Stalder, J.
Дата выпуска 2004
dc.description The results of optical collision experiments: fine structure population ratios and polarization alignment angles obtained from scattering of Na atoms which are optically 3sâ â â 3p excited during the collision with N2, C2H2 and N2O molecules, have been simulated numerically and analysed using quantum chemically computed potential energy surfaces, classical trajectory calculations and the semiclassical surface hopping method combined with a specially developed diabatization procedure.
Формат application.pdf
Издатель Royal Society of Chemistry
Название Collisions of excited Na atoms with N2, C2H2and N2O molecules. Surface-hopping calculation of the Na(3p) fine structure population
Тип research-article
DOI 10.1039/b313781c
Electronic ISSN 1463-9084
Print ISSN 1463-9076
Журнал Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Том 6
Первая страница 1666
Последняя страница 1671
Аффилиация Jungen M.; Institute for Physical Chemistry, University of Basel
Аффилиация Lehner M.; Institute for Physical Chemistry, University of Basel
Аффилиация Guérout R.; Institute for Physical Chemistry, University of Basel
Аффилиация Stalder J.; Institute for Physical Chemistry, University of Basel
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