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Дата выпуска 1963
dc.description ACCORDING to the charter signed by 50 nations on June 26, 1945, the United Nations was organized to maintain international peace and secur ity, to develop friendly relations among nations, to promote cooperation in solving social and economic problems, and, in general, to encourage world unity. The problem of securing agreement among one hundred nations or more, with many differing values and traditions, is indeed great.However, the Atlantic Community is a unique step toward this goal. Twenty neighboring states, sharing (in differing degrees) a common civiliza tion and heritage, are developing, in Europe and North America, what the United Nations is promoting in terms of the entire world.
Издатель Sage Publications
Название 1 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Тип Other
DOI 10.1177/019263656304727909
Print ISSN 0192-6365
Журнал NASSP Bulletin
Том 47
Первая страница 47
Последняя страница 51
Выпуск 279

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