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Издательство SAGE Publications по журналам "Educational Management & Administration"

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  • Macpherson R.J.S. Mac (Sage Publications, 1996-04-01)
    Accountability, it is claimed, has become a `politically incorrect' issue because: governments have encountered the limitations of simplistic market thinking just as the economic and political pressure for intervention in ...
  • Holloway David G. (Sage Publications, 1998-01-01)
    The work of the Audit Commission has received little attention from educational researchers even though it has carried out influential research and published extensively on aspects of educational policy and management. ...
  • Brown Marie; Taylor John (Sage Publications, 1996-10-01)
    In this paper the authors survey the literature and reflect upon their own experiences as consultants and assessors to examine various aspects of the purposes and the processes of the `Investors in People' scheme and of ...
  • Неизвестный автор (Sage Publications, 1998-01-01)
  • Naftalin Irene H. (Sage Publications, 1996-04-01)
    The action learning experience which informs this paper is drawn from the author's 3 years of working as a Set Adviser in Action Learning Sets offered as the learning mode for final year students in a part-time MSc course ...
  • Samier Eugenie (Sage Publications, 1997-10-01)
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the nature and forms of ritual and ceremonial behaviour in the social life of organizations, in order to suggest how administration can be conceptualized systematically in ritual ...
  • Macmillan Robert B. (Sage Publications, 1998-04-01)
    Day and Bakioglu have suggested that career life cycles for headteacher follow patterns similar to those found for teachers by Huberman. Taking this work as a basis, five principals were interviewed. In the analysis of ...
  • Tomlinson Harry (Sage Publications, 1998-07-01)
    This paper is a response to Brundrett's examination of `What lies behind collegiality, legitimation or control?'. In it the author suggests that the argument presented by Brundrett lacks clarity on the relationship between ...
  • Hyung Park Sun (Sage Publications, 1997-10-01)
    This paper details the ongoing debate in educational administration between Australian naturalists and some of their principal critics since the publication in 1991 of Evers and Lakomski's seminal book, Knowing Educational ...
  • McCulloch Myra (Sage Publications, 1997-04-01)
  • Huckman Lynda (Sage Publications, 1996-10-01)
  • Anderson Marion (Sage Publications, 1997-04-01)
  • Elliott Geoffrey (Sage Publications, 1996-04-01)
  • Walford Geoffrey (Sage Publications, 1998-04-01)
  • Esp Derek (Sage Publications, 1997-04-01)
  • LevaI Rosalind (Sage Publications, 1997-07-01)
  • Middlewood David (Sage Publications, 1997-07-01)
  • Jones Gary (Sage Publications, 1996-04-01)
  • Craig Ian (Sage Publications, 1996-01-01)
  • Donald G. Anne H. (Sage Publications, 1996-10-01)