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Издательство SAGE Publications по журналам "Men and Masculinities"

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  • LUNBECK ELIZABETH (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-07-01)
    This article examines two competing popular and professional constructions of masculinity in the first two decades of the century. One was the masculinity of youth, separatist and oppositional vis--vis women; the other was ...
  • Kupers Terry A. (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-07-01)
  • Fernndez-Alemany Manuel (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-10-01)
  • Treat John Whittier (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-07-01)
  • Laipson Peter (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-10-01)
  • Stoltenberg John (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-07-01)
  • Kuehn Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-07-01)
  • Tomasulo Frank P. (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-10-01)
  • Murphy Peter F. (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-07-01)
  • Cruz J. Michael (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-10-01)
  • Lorentzen Jrgen (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-07-01)
  • Whittier David Knapp (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-10-01)
  • CONWAY-LONG DON (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-10-01)
    Using the critical framework of Cornwall and Lindisfarne in Dislocating Masculinities, The author reviews recent ethnographies focusing on masculinities, taking as given the need to question established categories of ...
  • GRINDSTAFF LAURA; McCAUGHEY MARTHA (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-10-01)
    This article draws on feminist theory and psychoanalysis to analyze the media discourse surrounding the 1993 incident in which Lorena Bobbitt severed her husband's penis after he allegedly raped her. Touted as the ultimate ...
  • LEHMAN PETER (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-10-01)
    Unforgiven and A Perfect World have a strong connection in their representation of masculinityboth films represent the normal penis as critical to the formation of good masculinity and the abnormal and usually small penis ...
  • HOLDEN JONATHAN (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-07-01)
    In this narrative, the author compares identical twin brothersone gay, one straightto the character Jaromil in Milan Kundera's novel Life Is Elsewhere. He describes in some detail various rebellious experiments that one ...
  • CONNELL R. W. (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-07-01)
    Recent social science research has made important changes in our understanding of masculinities and men's gender practices, emphasizing the plurality and hierarchy of masculinities, and their collective and dynamic character. ...
  • SMITH CALVIN D. (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-10-01)
    Prior research has found that househusbands suffer alienation and ostracism from a variety of sources. Based on in-depth interviews with eleven househusbands, this article builds on such research by outlining and analyzing ...
  • BORDO SUSAN (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-07-01)
  • KANN MARK E. (SAGE Publications, Inc., 1998-10-01)
    How did the American founders reconcile their revolutionary rhetoric of liberty and equality to ongoing patriarchy? Scholars generally argue that the founders perceived men and women to be different in ways that justified ...