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Автор Leighty, E., G.
Автор Hinderer, R., K.
Дата выпуска 1984
dc.description The metabolic fate of orally administered <sup>14</sup>C-DNPDA containing 0.028% <sup>14</sup>C-BNA was studied in the Rhesus monkey, and the aqueous solubility of these 2 chemicals was investigated. Monkeys were given doses of 0,10, or 100 mg/kg <sup>14</sup>C-DNPDA via gelatin capsules. Uptake by the blood, tissue distribution, and urine and fecal elimination were monitored for up to 168 hours. In these studies <sup>14</sup>C-BNA was 10 to 15 times more soluble than <sup>14</sup>C-DNPDA. Very low levels of <sup>14</sup>C-DNPDA were observed in the blood, tissues, and urine; most (65–75%) of the parent compound was recovered unchanged in the feces. The blood uptake studies showed that the <sup>14</sup>C-BNA impurity is selectively absorbed over the <sup>14</sup>C-DNPDA. Although it was not possible to completely rule out the metabolic formation of <sup>14</sup>C-BNA, the data suggested that any BNA formed via metabolism is insignificant relative to the contribution of any impurity in the product.
Издатель SAGE Publications
Название N,N′-<sup>14</sup>C-Dinaphthyl-p-Phenylene Diamine Metabolism in the Rhesus Monkey
Тип Journal Article
DOI 10.3109/10915818409009072
Electronic ISSN 1092-874X
Print ISSN 1091-5818
Журнал International Journal of Toxicology
Том 3
Первая страница 43
Последняя страница 56
Аффилиация Leighty, E., G., Battelle Columbus Laboratories, 505 King Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201.
Аффилиация Hinderer, R., K., BF Goodrich Company 500 South Main Street Akron, OH 44318
Выпуск 1
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