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Автор Paige, Terence
Дата выпуска 1991
dc.description 1 Cor. 12.2 has presented translators and commentators with problems because of the terseness of expression and its unusual grammar. It is frequently taken in modem exegesis as referring to occurrences of ecstasy in the pagan worship in which the Corinthians formerly participated. The author proposes that the diction and imagery are better understood as a reference to participation in a cultic religious procession, the pompe. The pompe was a common event in Greek civic life and a reference to one would be readily recognized by the Corinthians. The participle attayou-evoi ('led away') is read as a circumstantial participle, not as a pleonastic construction with ητε.
Издатель Sage Publications
Название 1 Corinthians 12.2: a Pagan Pompe?
Тип Journal Article
DOI 10.1177/0142064X9101404405
Print ISSN 0142-064X
Журнал Journal for the Study of the New Testament
Том 14
Первая страница 57
Последняя страница 65
Аффилиация Paige, Terence, Belfast Bible College, Glenbum Road South Belfast BT17 9JP
Выпуск 44

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