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Автор Cauchi, Simon
Автор Cave, Roderick
Дата выпуска 1982
dc.description The article summarizes the results of a bibliometric exercise carried out by staff and students of the Department of Librananship, Victoria University of Wellington. References in 12 bibliographical journals published in the late 1970s were analysed by form, date and country of publication, in order to test various hypotheses. The group results showed a citation pattern similar to studies in the fields of English literature and history with considerable variation from Price's 'norm of scholarships' in citation practice. They also suggest that citation analysis alone gives an inadequate measure of the use made by biblio graphers of their sources.
Издатель Sage Publications
Название Citations in bibliography: characteristics of references in selected journals
Тип bibliography
DOI 10.1177/096100068201400102
Print ISSN 0961-0006
Журнал Journal of Librarianship and Information Science
Том 14
Первая страница 9
Последняя страница 29
Аффилиация Cauchi, Simon, Department of Librarianship, Victoria University of Wellington, and was formerly Deputy National Librarian, National Library of New Zealand
Аффилиация Cave, Roderick, Victoria University of Wellington
Выпуск 1
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