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Автор Pope, Joseph H.
Дата выпуска 1964
dc.description Studies of the polarizations of the micropulsation phenomenon, pearls, show a number of remarkable effects, in particular, reversals in sense of rotation. In this paper we consider the possibility that the superposition of a succession of signals having rising tones can produce the effects in question. It is shown that, if a number of signals of elliptical polarization all identical except for the inclination of the major axis and frequency are observed simultaneously, various effects, including apparent reversals in sense of rotation, will occur.
Формат application.pdf
Копирайт Copyright 1964 by the American Geophysical Union.
Название An explanation for the apparent polarization of some geomagnetic micropulsations (pearls)
Тип article
DOI 10.1029/JZ069i003p00399
Electronic ISSN 2156-2202
Print ISSN 0148-0227
Журнал Journal of Geophysical Research
Том 69
Первая страница 399
Последняя страница 405
Выпуск 3
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