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Автор Ramos, V. A.
Автор Jordan, T. E.
Автор Allmendinger, R. W.
Автор Mpodozis, C.
Автор Kay, S. M.
Автор Cortés, J. M.
Автор Palma, M.
Дата выпуска 1986
dc.description The recognition of accreted terranes and their importance in orogenesis has spurred the search for allochthonous fragments along the western and southern margins of South America. Here we present stratigraphic and petrologic data from Chile and Argentina between 29° and 33°S latitude that demonstrate the “suspect” nature of several major terranes, which we infer to have been accreted during the Paleozoic. Three lower‐middle Paleozoic terranes are described (from east to west): (1) the Pampeanas terrane, a Cambrian‐Devonian magmatic and metamorphic province built on late Precambrian basement at the margin of South America, (2) the Precordillera terrane, a Cambrian‐Devonian shelf‐slope‐oceanic basin assemblage bounded by mélanges on both sides and bearing many stratigraphic similarities to the lower‐middle Paleozoic of the Northern Appalachians, and (3) the “Chilenia” terrane, which has largely been obliterated by late Paleozoic magmatism and metamorphism. The distribution of Carboniferous continental, deltaic, and marine strata demonstrates that these three terranes were sutured together and part of South America by the end of the Devonian. Subsequent Permo‐Carboniferous plate interactions more closely resembled the modern Andean margin, with eastward subduction, accretionary prism formation, and minor terrane emplacement exposed along the present coast of Chile and eastward migrating arc magmatism from the present coast of Chile to western Argentina.
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Копирайт Copyright 1986 by the American Geophysical Union.
Тема Continental tectonics: general
Тема Plate boundary: general
Тема 8165
Тема South America
Название Paleozoic terranes of the central Argentine‐Chilean Andes
Тип article
DOI 10.1029/TC005i006p00855
Electronic ISSN 1944-9194
Print ISSN 0278-7407
Журнал Tectonics
Том 5
Первая страница 855
Последняя страница 880
Выпуск 6
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