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  • Abbas M.; Poeverlein H. (1970-04)
    An approximate dispersion relation for hydromagnetic waves is derived from the macroscopic equations of the plasma. Collision terms corresponding to collisions between electrons, ions, and neutrals are included in the ...
  • Zander R.; Mahieu E.; Gunson M. R.; Abrams M. C.; Chang A. Y.; Abbas M.; Aellig C.; Engel A.; Goldman A.; Irion F. W.; Kämpfer N.; Michelson H. A.; Newchurch M. J.; Rinsland C. P.; Salawitch R. J.; Stiller G. P.; Toon G. C. (1996-08-15)
    Volume mixing ratio (VMR) profiles of the chlorine‐bearing gases HCl, ClONO2, CCl3F, CCl2F2, CHClF2, CCl4, and CH3Cl have been measured between 3 and 49° northern‐ and 65 to 72° southern latitudes with the Atmospheric Trace ...