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  • Abbas Mian M.; Guo Jing; Conrath Barney J.; Kunde Virgil G.; Maguire William C. (1985-04-20)
    The effects of finite field of view of observing instruments on the inversion of infrared thermal emission measurements are examined. Analytical and numerical techniques are discussed for calculation of the weighting ...
  • Abbas Mian M.; Kunde Virgil G.; Brasunas J. C.; Herman J. R.; Massie Steven T. (1991-06-20)
    Infrared thermal emission spectra of the Earth's atmosphere in the 700–2000 cm−1 region were obtained with a cryogenically cooled high‐resolution interferometer spectrometer on a balloon flight from Palestine, Texas, on ...
  • Abbas Mian M.; Kunde Virgil G.; Mumma Michael J.; Kostiuk Theodor; Buhl David; Frerking Margaret A. (1979-06-01)
    Intensity profiles of infrared spectral lines of stratospheric constituents can be fully resolved with a heterodyne spectrometer of sufficiently high resolution (∼5 MHz or 0.000167 cm−1 at 10 µ). The constituents' vertical ...