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  • Shah A.; Haugan T.; Witanachchi S.; Patel S.; Shaw D. T. (Cambridge University Press. New York, USA, 1989--01)
    A nitrate solution of Y, Ba and Cu was atomized and introduced into an inductively coupled argon ‐ oxygen plasma operated at 4.4 kW and 13.56 MHz under atmospheric pressure. As‐deposited superconducting films were grown ...
  • Afonso S.; Chen K. Y.; Xiong Q.; Tang Y. Q.; Salamo G. J.; Chan F. T.; Cooksey J.; Scott S.; Shi Y. J.; Ang S.; Brown W. D.; Schaper L. W. (Cambridge University Press. New York, USA, 1997-11-01)
    For high temperature superconducting multichip modules and other related electronic applications, it is necessary to be able to fabricate several Y1Ba2Cu3O7–x (YBCO) layers separated by thick low dielectric constant ...
  • Parise John B.; Gai Pratibha L.; Crawford M. K.; McCarron Eugene M. (Cambridge University Press. New York, USA, 1989--01)
    Substitution of Ca(II) for Y(III) into tetragonal YBa2Cu3O6 has been achieved and a superconducting transition has been observed for a material of nominal composition (Y0.5Ca0.5) Ba2Cu3O6 (Tc (onset) ˜50K) [1]. Observations ...
  • Chopra Manoj; Chan Siu-Wai; Meng R. L.; Chu C. W. (Cambridge University Press. New York, USA, 1996-07-01)
    The addition of Y2BaCuO5 (211) particles to large grain melt textured YBa2Cu3O7–δ(Y123) has significantly improved the critical current density (Jc) of this material. Here, a systematic quantitative analysis on the effects ...
  • Carvajal Joan J. (Cambridge University Press. New York, USA, 2011-04-01)
  • Emden R. K. N. (Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK, 1977-09-01)
    In considering the implications for yachtsmen, cruisers as well as racers, of the new Collision Regulations which came into force on 15 July 1977, it is worth recording that Imco-recommended traffic separation schemes were ...
  • Cross Frank Moore (Cambridge University Press. New York, USA, 1962-10-01)
    The modern discussion of Patriarchal religion may be said to begin with the brilliant essay of Albrecht Alt, Der Gott der Väter, published in 1929. Alt proposed to use new means to penetrate into the pre-history of Israel's ...
  • Craigie P. C. (Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK, 1969-06-01)
    The declaration that ‘Yahweh is a Man of Wars’page 1 poses a problem for the modern reader of the Old Testament. The direct connexion between God and war seems to be alien to the spirit of the New Testament. And today, ...
  • Cooke Miriam (Cambridge University Press. New York, USA, 1981-02-01)
    Yaḥy¯a Ḥaqqī's first article of literary criticism appeared at a time when the critic was still more or less exclusively concerned with explaining a text, or with justifying the rival merits of “ancient” as opposed to ...
  • Plagne Alain (Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK, 2011-08-01)
    Yahya ould Hamidoune passed away in Paris on 11 March 2011 after a brief illness, leaving insufficient time for his friends and colleagues to express their indebtedness to him for his kindness and generosity, both in ...
  • Pal R. N. (Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK, 1993-04-01)
    The staggering population of 40 thousand from an imposing number of 132 thousand of 1977 in the Himalayan states of India has evoked a concern for adopting measures for conservation and irnprovements. The dwindling population ...
  • Das Chaturvedi Rawat Pandit Chaturbhuj (Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK, 1947-01-01)
    Recently at the village of Noh in Bharatpur Tensil on the Bharatpur-Chiksana (or Agra) road I discoveŕed the two colossal figures here illustrated. The Yaksha with a lateral topknot on his head is of the same type and stone ...
  • D. S. M. (Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK, 1927-10-01)
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  • Неизвестный автор (Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK, 1954-07-01)