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Автор Verhaeghen Paul
Дата выпуска 2002-06-01
ISSN 1382-5585
ISSN 1744-4128
Анннотация In a time-accuracy study, encoding for visual search and memory search was compared in a sample of 23 younger and 26 older adults. Older adults were found to be slower than younger adults in two respects (viz., processing was delayed, and speed-of-processing was lower). There was no reliable age difference in asymptotic performance when analyzed at the level of proportion correct. Age differences in speed-of-processing were larger in visual search than in memory search. The results run counter capacity- or resource accounts of cognitive aging, but they are in line with the framework that predicts larger age differences in visuo-spatial than lexical tasks (Myerson & Hale, 1993).
Издатель Taylor & Francis Group
Копирайт Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC
Тема Original Articles
Название Age Differences in Efficiency and Effectiveness of Encoding for Visual Search and Memory Search: A Time-Accuracy Study
DOI 10.1076/anec.
Журнал Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition
Том 9
Выпуск 2

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